A Slack team for the PVD music scene

Providence has an awesome music scene. There are a ton of great local venues that host a ton of great local artists who make a ton of great music.

I have a lot of respect for all the work people do to keep it going.

Having gone through the whole process of being new to Providence, trying to meet some people in the scene, finding people to jam with, forming a band, finding a practice space, and booking some shows, I have definitely found myself wishing there was someplace online I could find info on some of this stuff or ask people about it without having to resort to randomly friending people on Facebook.

From talking to some folks, it sounds like Lots of Noise used to be a great site/message board for local shows, etc. but it’s no longer around and nothing has come along to really replace it. Facebook works for some stuff, but it’s kind of hard to connect with people if you’re not already friends with them, and it seems like more and more they are just trying to get money out of people who run pages.

So I created Industrial Trust: a Slack team for people in the local music scene. You can sign up here.

I set up a handful of channels to start:

  • #intros: who people are and what they do
  • #lfb: “looking for band”, find people to play with
  • #booking: find shows to play / people to fill out a bill
  • #plugs: share your stuff, new or old
  • #marketplace: buy/sell/trade gear or other stuff
  • #shows: share info about upcoming shows (I set up a public Google Calendar and an integration to post daily and weekly digests of events. You can submit events to the calendar here.)

This list will hopefully grow and evolve over time, it really just depends what people want from this and how they’re using it.

Of course, this whole thing only really works if people join and it gets some kind of critical mass, so give it a shot.

To quote some dude I have not (yet) randomly friended in the New England Punk Facebook group: “The whole point is to work with punks you don’t already know. I already know 99% of everyone in here. Invite some people.”